The Pretty Filter

Here is the podcast dictated for you below! Hope you love this episode.

Alright coming at you live from the heart of my living room. So the cinnamon bunch that I got from Trader Joe’s. I’m dying yall it smells like fall has exploded in her house. It’s amazing. So the lady that checked it out at trader joe’s goes, um I was located by the cinnamon bunches last fall and I got laryngitis. from inhaling the cinnamon. Haha so beware if you buy the cinnamon bunches at trader joe’s watch out for that laryngitis. Make sure you have a doctor’s appointment lined up and some antibiotics on the way.

Okay, welcome to the first episode of the pretty filter. I’m maddy and I’m sara and we are BFFs. I’m from North Carolina but moved to texas when I was sixteen. We met at Chick-Fil-A right after I moved and my dad told me oh my gosh I met your next best friend. so I grew up in Dallas and I started I guess I met my husband moved when we were in middle school and fell in love with him course why you know it took him some time to get some tickets to love me finally fell in love with me sophomore year of high school. and my favorite thing in on my whole life forever I have been dating Luke’s brother which means that we’re going to be sister. we get to do everything together now. yeah and Sara has a dog I have a golden lab mix named London she’s my baby. Cole has been like daily sending me pictures of puppies. We want to name the next one Dallas. Okay lightning question, what’s your goal in life right now for the next like year or two? Love a lightning question. I actually just got into nursing school Baylor excited I want to do the ER first and then maybe work in labor and delivery I’m kind of drink I don’t know but quit drinking therapy weekly so that we can control it and see an explosion idea copy right now idea and then I was like what 1 sleepless nights now for sure Smith. I love fashion and have always wanted to start blogging and hopefully this podcast will be a good start for it. also it’ll be a little bit later than the launch of this but it should be up and running in the next probably week or so. so I will definitely be posting the details and let you guys know when it’s at so you can check out. yeah so we thought it would go hand-in-hand we’re going to episode about you guys lifestyle and relationship and anything that’s thrown at you we want to be able to relate to us are the struggles and the victories that we’ve gone through not only together but individually. and how you can you know all options doing life and doing it well so we really believe that. yeah and I think like we do have a lot of as far as we’re both Christians church together and we both been through completely Life Choices one of us may be better than the other but I think you’ll find lots of little little truth Little Gems that you can apply to life and in like being at your prettiest self is your happiest self. Right and so yeah I mean I feel like the girls in general if you are like just a kind super sweet person you automatically are more attractive. my favorite people and like the prettiest people are just so genuine and sweet. and so that’s what we like I feel like I had both of us and we really could go so many different directions but when we were thinking about staying in our own lane with this podcast and choosing a direction we think happiness is the thing we’re best at. I love Madison because she’s always the person to tell me what the every time no matter what decision I’ve made and even when I made a mistake what makes our friendship so awesome. I was talking about bring you a deep nugget of Truth in each episode. Follow along with us on instagram and rate and review the podcast for us!

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