Emmy Rogers on Living Out Your Passion

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This week, we brought on Emmy Rogers onto the podcast to talk all things PASSION. Emmy is a good friend of Madison, and has such a diverse and interesting background and story! Throughout all changes in lifestyle, Emmy has always passionately pursued all of her interests. I knew she had a captivating story, but what I did not expect was how meticulous and determined she is in the way she develops her skills. Her passion for the last five or so years has been taekwondo, and she got SPECIFIC on how she prioritizes the time she spends cultivating her craft. Though taekwondo is a specific hobby that you may not relate to or be interested in at the moment, the way she talks about going after passions is relatable to every listener no matter the passion. When asked to give advice to anyone looking to grow their skills in a specific area, Emmy recommended creating a goal binder, and listing out SPECIFIC and ATTAINABLE goals for yourself in every area related to your interest. We think you will love this episode and be completely INSPIRED by listening to Emmy talk on how she goes AFTER it in every area of her life.

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