MINISODE – Tips on Anxiety, How to Stay Motivated Without Getting Overwhelmed

Madison (@madisonsbarlow on Instagram) is bringing you this week’s minisode on tips for anxiety and how to stay motivated without getting overwhelmed. We try to bring you a mini-episode between our main episodes/our guest interviews as a way to bring you mid-week inspiration, an update on what we have going on, or anything that’s on our mind that we want to share with you.

This week, I was inspired to bring you all the tips and tricks on anxiety. Not because I’m an expert on the topic, but because it’s something that I struggle with and because I have worked hard to find solutions to combat my stress in a way that is natural and healthy and ways that CONSISTENTLY work for me. I’ve been jotting down notes of things that have worked for me over the last few weeks and I feel like I gave a good place to start/hopefully new methods you can try to start managing your stress.

I am really excited to offer a list of NATURAL stress relieving methods for you guys, because I feel like this is best for my body, longevity, etc., but that does not mean that medication is never the answer. Everyone is going through their own journey and different things will work for different people. I’m providing you my perspective and things that work for ME. It’s okay if these things don’t work for you, but I wanted to offer a starting place for you, and maybe just an outlook you have considered before.

Here’s the list of what has helped me manage my anxiety while still staying motivated enough to accomplish all my goals!

  1. Brain Dumping: wake up and immediately journal THREE PAGES. Put EVERY THOUGHT down on paper. Get it out of your head and on paper. This increases mental clarity for me and allows me to better focus on the day at hand.
  2. CALM Powder (or any magnesium powder): I purchase mine at Sprouts in the supplement aisle. Good for reducing anxiety and for managing ADD (increases focus). I put 1 tablespoon in hot water with lemon at night and it helps me relax before sleep. You could also take in the morning.
  3. Ashwaghanda: can purchase anywhere they sell supplements, I’m sure. I get mine from Amazon or Central Market. I call it “nature’s xanax” LOL. I take it in the morning before leaving for work and it seriously mellows me out, and it’s all NATURAL, which I love.
  4. SLEEP: I seriously prioritize my sleep and always go to bed at whatever time allows me to get 8 hours of sleep. If you’re not already prioritizing your sleep, this is a MUST for much more than managing anxiety. Figure out what feels best for your body and invest in your sleep time!
  5. Weekly/Daily Checklist: prioritize your weekly or daily to-do list and don’t move on to the next task until the previous task is complete. This helps me stay organized, as I tend to bounce around from task to task without fully completing them when I become overwhelmed.
  6. Focus on the Good/Be Thankful: when you’re feeling negative/stressed/down, think about all the things that are going RIGHT in your life and all of the things you’re thankful for. There is way more GOOD in your life than bad, and your MINDSET MATTERS. Your thoughts and your words CREATE REALITY for you, so create a positive one.
  7. Know Who to Talk to: when you’re stressed or overwhelmed, have that one friend, sibling, spouse in mind to go to. Though it’s okay (and honestly inevitable) to have negative people in our lives, those are NOT the people we should bring our struggles to. Instead, go to the person who always gives you the realistic yet positive perspective, and reminds you how you made it through the last struggle you faced. For me, this is my husband. Every time I stress he gives me clear solutions or reminds me how it worked out way better than I thought it would the last time something of that nature happened.
  8. Take OWNERSHIP of Your Schedule: when you’re feeling overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks or situations, remember that YOU ARE IN CONTROL of your schedule. Feeling too busy? Take something off your plate. Yes, you may disappoint people, and that IS OKAY. I feel you hear if this is you – but you’ve got this!!

I hope one of these tips brought value to you! Go comment your favorite part of today’s episode on our latest instagram post @theprettyfilterpodcast

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